Acli Cosenza Championship, Ntt Futsal on the Corporate roof: Principe and Gallo condemn No.Do.S


By John

Ntt Futsal on the Corporate roof. The curtain falls on the provincial phase of the US Acli iMarcos company tournament. And it falls not… without surprises. Against the predictions on the eve of the match, a team that worked quietly and reaped the benefits in the most important moments won the final 4-2. However, the No.Do.S steamroller team falls precisely at the last “kilometre” of the race which, in addition to the title of vice champion (valid as automatic qualification for the national phases of the US Acli tournaments, scheduled in Basilicata from 14 to 16 June), can boast of being unbeaten in the championship. This makes the feat achieved by Ntt Futsal even more important, capable of knocking out an opponent who, up until that moment, had been practically perfect. On the day of the final, No.Do.S also paid for the absence of one of the most representative players, Lucarelli, who had made the difference throughout the entire season. But beyond the absences, what the first finalist of the Corporate tournament lacked was determination in the first half, with Ntt playing better and maintaining the advantage it had initially accumulated. Having said that, it was a beautiful final played on one of the Marchesino pitches, in Rende, above all for the setting that was created around it: over a hundred spectators watching, music (goal announcement by Emmanuel Soliberto), commentary and live broadcast Facebook on the official page (edited by Christian De Nicolò, with footage by Matteo Soliberto), live footage (Ernesto Gagliardi of Nestofilm) and photos (taken by Francesco Flaccomio). After the match there was also space for the gigantic cake and fireworks, as well as for the awards ceremony for the teams and individual players who played during the season, in the presence of the regional president of US Acli, Pierfrancesco De Naples. A special celebration in which fairplay triumphed. Despite being a final, marked by a lot of competitive spirit, the players on the pitch showed great loyalty and fairness, monitored on sight by the excellent refereeing duo of Alessandro Righetti and Vincenzo Perri.

The match

On the pitch, as mentioned, it was a real match. Very true. Ntt's approach proved to be better from the beginning and this aspect, in the long run, made the difference. Mario Gallo was very inspired and, after producing a couple of excellent plays, he scored the goal to make it 1-0. Then Aurelio Principe also took the chair. A surname and a programme, given that his life was a real… fairy tale: absent for most of the season due to an injury, he returned from the semi-finals onwards and left his mark; three goals were scored in the final. For No.Do.S, who fought until the end in search of the right glimmer of opportunity to reopen the match, Pasqualino Capalbo's goal and an own goal were on the scoresheet. In the end, regardless of the opposing state of mind of the winners and losers, everyone asks themselves the same question: “How beautiful is Corporate?”. The organizers Marco Falace and Marco Soliberto were satisfied, as were the very capable collaborators Ilde Scarpelli and Stefania Colopi, always present on the fields.

Open Championships

No less important is the Open chapter. There is also great anticipation for the finals there too. In the Premier League, noteworthy are the exploits of Cerisano Soccer, who beat Atlas Acri 3-2, and Soccer San Pietro, victorious 5-3 over Roglianese (they will meet this week in the last act of the tournament). Wild Boars unleashed in the first playout (9-0 against Lago Calcio) and now they will face Campetto Marzi. All that remains is to wait for the verdict of the match between Calabria Young and Football Lattarico. Chapter Championship. In the promotion semi-finals, Spezzano C5 beat Arintha Futsal 4-2, while Real Cannuzze won an incredible arm wrestling match against Lattarico C5 4-5. Spezzano and Real Cannuzze will face each other in the final. In League One, the final will be a question between Real Briconatura (they passed the semi-final round due to Acri's no-show) and Pixeltek Maranese (6-4 against San Luca C5).

Time for verdicts and finals for the Under sector. Città di Fiore and Vog Fagnano will be on the pitch on Thursday (kick-off at 6pm) for the Under 17s. Città di Fiore will also be the protagonist of the Under 10 Gold final (again on Thursday, at 4pm).

It is possible to find out all the updates on the championships and initiatives by consulting the site. Here you can find all the results and also the Facebook (Us Acli Cosenza) and Instagram (usaclicosenza) pages.