Administrative offices in Corigliano Rossano, Piattello's list rejected. The candidates are down to two


By John

48 hours after the completion of the formalities for the presentation of the lists of candidates with the relative links to the 3 candidates for mayor who had presented the relevant documentation to the municipal secretariat, two striking elements have emerged which will keep the next steps of the electoral campaign: the only “Italia Nel cuore” list, linked to the candidate for mayor, was rejected Domenico Piattello and the name of a candidate from the Forza Italia list was also rejected, Carlo Micciullo, registered place no. 16 on the Azzurra list linked to the candidate for mayor Pasqualina Straface.
The candidate of Italia nel Cuore confirmed that he was notified of the provision even if the motivation was not clear. This would be a purely bureaucratic aspect.
For this reason Piattello announced that he had contacted his lawyers to deduce whether, having come into possession of the official document, there are elements that prevent the list and its candidacy from moving towards the administrative elections on 8 and 9 June. He also announced that through his lawyers he will present an appeal and he will inform the public of all this, including the reason for the rejection of the list, through the press.
The same availability in answering our question as to whether the refusal of his name from the list was true, expressed Carlo Miccullo, former traffic policeman of the municipality of Rossano, a person well known in the city also for his social commitment, amazed by the motivation to basis of the challenge attributable to judicial reasons. The candidate from the blue list also made it known that he had given a mandate to his trusted lawyer for the appropriate checks, announcing that he will present the relevant appeal.