“Alongside the music” there is always the irresistible Renzo Arbore


By John

The title, almost longer than the entire duration of the programme, is one of the sophisticated quirks to which Renzo Arbore he got us used to it, «After music – Award-winning musical antique shop», but the recent thirty years of our television and singing history will be vintage for those who perform with the help of auto-tune, because for us boomers it is history, memory, joy. And, mind you, while making use of the endless Rai archive, Appresso alla musica etc. etc. it is not an upgrading of Techetechetè, but a walk through anecdotes, memories, stories, pieces of life of Arbore himself and of those who have accompanied him in his numerous and always varied entertainment experiences in recent years.
A simple structure, with Arbore and Gegè Telesforo in the studio, who unfold, without chronological constraints, a story in music and mix the pop song with that of the author, fishing for memorable performances in the programs that have made up our television schedule. Probably, with advancing age, we must recognize that Renzo Arbore has become a bit self-referential, but looking back at his long and prolific career, we can only forgive him this other habit and give him honors and glory. Arbore, in fact, represents a unique example in our television panorama, first of all for never having replicated his productions and for having always looked for different stimuli and ideas, while maintaining his character as a showman intact. What clearly emerges from the collage of broadcasts is his ability to revolutionize the conventionally adopted schemes to introduce new modes of entertainment that anticipated the public’s tastes, overturning and mixing the high and low of mainstreaming and making fun of the one and the other. other. Of course, seeing the Bandiera Sisters makes you wonder if we were more uninhibited and less bigoted thirty-odd years ago, because we don’t remember any scandal caused by the trio en travesti, but above all Arbore himself testified to the fact that their performances were widely appreciated by the Rai management of the time. Just like a vintage Little Tony who sang trying not to be recognized, it said a lot about the fact that the Masked Singer had been invented by Arbore before Carlucci offered it to us annually in extended mode. Unfortunately, the time slot does not do justice to the broadcast, produced by Rai Cultura and broadcast on Raidue in the one hundred and twentieth evening, so for fans – asleep – nostalgic, but also for contemporary music lovers – rappers – all that remains is to catch up on Raiplay.