AMA Calabria, Remo Girone in Catanzaro with “The Nazi Hunter. The adventurous life of Simon Wiesenthal”


By John

A true spy story, starring the “Jewish James Bond”. This is the nickname given to the central character of the show “The Nazi hunter. The adventurous life of Simon Wiesenthal”. A character that really existed and will be played by the formidable Remo Girone for an unmissable event included in the theater season of AMA Calabria, Saturday 16 March to the Municipal Theatre Of Catanzaroat 9pm.

The theater puts itself at the service of History, bringing to the stage a lesser-known story, so compelling that it seems the fruit of the imagination. “The Nazi hunter. The adventurous life of Simon Wiesenthal”, however, it is the careful narration of a life truly lived, capable of making us reflect and open our eyes to what happened in our past. The entire action of the show, in fact, looks at what happened in the Second World War, making us reflect on the origins of Evil and its consequences.

He is in charge of the dramaturgy and direction of the show Giorgio Gallionebased on the books of Wiesenthal himself and entrusting his adventurous life to one of the most incisive actors on the Italian scene, Remo Girone, whose interpretation restores to the protagonist the drama and courage shown in the most critical years of the history of the twentieth century. Wiesenthal, imprisoned in five different extermination camps, subsequently dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down Nazi war criminals responsible for the deaths of 11 million people, including 6 million Jews.

“The Nazi hunter. The adventurous life of Simon Wiesenthal”, takes us to Vienna in 2003, with the protagonist on his last day of work before retirement in the office/museum of the Jewish Documentation Center, which he himself founded. This place, so significant for Wiesenthal, will create the opportunity to retrace his dramatic and adventurous life. Remo Girone will give voice to the thoughts of a man who has always attached great importance to memory and justice.

The determination to let people know what happened, so that it never happens again, is Wiesenthal's main intention in his intense pursuit of Nazi criminals, an investigation that allowed him to bring to justice Karl Silberbauerthe Gestapo non-officer responsible for the arrest of Anne FrankAnd Adolf Eichmanthe man who planned what Hitler liked to call “the final solution”.

A show suitable for all ages, which provides the tools to recognize Evil and prevent it from returning. The public will witness the detailed stories that led Wiesenthal to discover where the Nazis were hiding, guilty of having unjustly taken millions of human lives.

Remo Girone, who left his mark ”La Piovra” in the role of Tano Cariddi, he is an actor known and appreciated even beyond the Italian borders. He recently took part in the British television series “Killing Eve”he worked alongside actors such as Denzel Washington And Ben Affleck. In his long career he has been directed by directors of international caliber such as Jacques Rivette And Peter Greenawayin addition to ours Ettore Scola. Simon Wiesenthal he adds to the long line of his characters, some bad and others less so, but all enriched by the interpretative depth that the actor manages to bring.