Reggina also loses Zucco due to injury


By John

It's raining wet in the Reggina house. Yesterday the club announced that Emanuele Zucco, who came off a few minutes after entering the match against Trapani, suffered a dislocation of his right shoulder. The company itself reported this in an official note that arrived yesterday afternoon. Recovery times will be evaluated based on the evolution of the clinical picture, but the cases seen in football lead us to believe that it is a problem that will keep him out for several weeks. Bad luck takes another player away from Trocini in the area of ​​the pitch where the blanket was already short: the midline. Reggina also loses an important underclassman born in 2004. It should be remembered, among other things, that Mungo is also struggling with a physical problem: first degree strain on the right thigh flexor. He missed the match against the league leaders and is still in doubt for the match that will see the Amaranths face Castrovillari on Sunday.
The person who will have to invent something could be Bruno Trocini. At the moment the only role midfielders available could only be Barillá, Salandria, Belpanno and Simonetta. The first has been deployed in front of the defense for several weeks now. On Salandria, who has not played a season up to his potential, we trust he can find the right performance in the last eight games. Also because, among everyone, he is the one with the greatest characteristics as a midfielder. Belpanno, on the other hand, is a right midfielder. With Trapani he played his first match as a starter, suffering, like the whole team, from the impact of a superior category opponent. He will certainly have other chances to showcase his qualities. Just as Pietro Simonetta could have them too. The midfielder born in 2006 hasn't had an opportunity as a starter yet, but it's only a matter of time. If there is no change in formation compared to the 4-3-3, two of them will take part in a midfield in which the third link will probably be a midfielder like Perri.
After the misstep against Trapani, there is awareness that you can't go wrong with Castrovillari. The one against the Granata, although there was a desire to play it, was a challenge with a closed prediction. So much so that the knockout left no aftermath, other than the confirmation that the team is not at the level of the Sicilian battleship. Footballers are asked not to let go. In fact, if most people are already focused on topics such as next season and the brand issue, the group will try to stay focused on the playoff objective.
A double session is scheduled today. In the morning Reggina will train at Campo, while in the afternoon they will work physically at Sant'Agata. Besides Zucco and while waiting to understand if Mungo will make it, Castrovillari will not be the match-winner of the first leg Rossetti. The attacker must serve the third of the four-match ban given to him after the direct expulsion in Sant'Agata.