Amantea, the provincial police recover a former roadman’s house owned by the institution


By John

The recovery activity of the real estate assets of the Province of Cosenza proceeds.
On the SP 245 loc. Mirabella in the countryside of Amantea, the Commander Rosario Marano and the Agents of the Provincial Police of Cosenza intervened to verify the condition of a former roadman’s house owned by the Authority. Following the intervention, the property returned to the full availability of the Administration.
This is yet another operation to recover public goods at the service of the community.
For several years, several properties were not fully available to the Institution. A situation promptly taken into account by President Rosaria Succurro, who, precisely in order to return to the citizens a heritage not available for collective use, requested investigations and interventions by the Provincial Police Force, promptly ordered by the Commander of the Major Rosario Marano Corps.

«I am very satisfied with the work that our Agents are carrying out and I thank Commander Rosario Marano for this, who is spending a lot on the recovery of properties to be returned to collective use» – commented the President Rosaria Succurro -. The reacquisition and recovery of the former roadman’s houses, as well as other properties, can become a new resource for the territory and for the Province itself”.
The recovery activity will continue until all the properties are completely recovered, because «the path we want to continue to follow is that of collective enjoyment of the assets registered in the organisation’s assets. Only in this way will we be able to restore dignity to the institutions and improve the living conditions of our communities” – concluded President Succurro.