An artist from Cosenza on tour with Renato Zero, Antonio Granato will be one of the vocalists of “Autoritratto”


By John

In less than a month the “sorcini” people will go wild, hunting for the last available ticket to secure a place right there, where the hearts of fans beat the strongest. Because from March 2nd he will return to perform Renato Zero, with his “Autoritratto” tour: two stops (Rome and Florence), for a total of 14 appointments. And following the extraordinary singer there will also be the artist from San Giovanni in Fiore, Antonio Granato. She will be part of the group of vocalists who, just like on the occasion of Zero’s last tour, will embellish the choir. In addition to the long-lasting collaboration with the sacred monster of Italian music, the singer from Florence is continuing those with other artists of cinema and national song. Furthermore, Granato will soon participate in the Mia Martini 2024 – Next Music Awards and Gaggiano Festival.

The dates of the “Self-portrait” tour

Renato Zero and the choir which also includes Granato from Cosenza will perform on 2-3-5-6-9-10 March at the “Nelson Mandela Forum” in Florence and, subsequently, at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Rome (13-14 -16-17-20-21-23-24).