Antoniozzi, Orsomarso and Rapani (FdI): “The government is doing its part alongside farmers”


By John

“The exasperation of the agricultural world, denounced by us FDI parliamentarians and by the representatives of the Government led by Giorgia Meloni, starting with Minister Lollobrigida, can be explained by the attitude of the previous executives who have pushed to the margins a sector that is strategic and strategic for us which guarantees uniqueness and quality of the products. In Italy the situation is very different from the rest of Europe. Our Government, from day one, has invested in agriculture: he fought firmly in Brussels to counter an ideological vision that led to the farmer being described as an enemy of the environment. Furthermore, reiterating that no trade association has joined this mobilization, it is useful to remember that there has never been any preclusion from meeting those who demonstrate in good faith”. The Calabrian parliamentarians of Fratelli d’Italia declare it Alfredo Antoniozzi, Fausto Orsomarso and Alfredo Rapani.

“The attention of the executive and the Minister of Agriculture to this sector is demonstrated by the facts: from the beginning of the legislature, funds and allocations have been increased to support the agri-food sector, despite the budget difficulties inherited from those who preceded us at the helm of our nation. We all care about protecting the environment, which however must be closely linked to economic, social and productive sustainability to guarantee income for farmers, the first environmentalists. In the absence of this balance, Italy would be exposed to the need to import products from non-EU countries, not subject to the same stringent constraints and rules imposed by Brussels”, add Antoniozzi, Orsomarso and Rapani.
“Our goal is to relaunch this strategic sector, protecting it from the importation of products that do not meet our quality standards and, in some cases, even workers’ rights. As always, the Government is doing its part alongside farmers”, conclude the parliamentarians.