Antonucci bis in Cosenza? The news comes… from social media: post with the red and blue tracksuit and the image of the hourglass


By John

In the age of social media, news can be gleaned even from one post to another. All it takes is a photo, an emoji, a wink or an hourglass to arouse (at the very least) suspicion. In the last few days, Cosenza fans have been inundated… with clues. And so, after the sibylline message posted by Gennaro Tutinowith his arms raised towards the sky as he celebrates a goal with the Cosenza shirt, today it was the turn of Mirko Antonuccialready back from a loan on the banks of the Crati. In recent days the news had spread that the product of the Roma youth system was very very close to Cesena, but from today’s social clue it would seem… not.

Why? The most attentive did not miss the post on Instagram in which Antonucci is wearing (also) the rossoblù jersey. A fleeting message, for goodness sake, because he deleted the post after a few minutes. But this is not the only recent gesture of the boy that gives us food for thought. Already at the arrival of Massimiliano Alvini (who had practically always fielded him last time in La Spezia, in the first part of the season), Antonucci had gone out on a limb by giving him a thumbs up. A more than suspicious like. Furthermore, to accommodate Alvini’s tactical philosophy, the sports director Gennaro Delvecchio is increasing the number of playmakers to give the coach a young, lively and unpredictable Cosenza. The ds has never broken off contact with the player’s agent. Antonucci himself closed the circle by not showing up for the retreat with Spezia, the team that owns his registration. Cesena remains strong on him, but Cosenza is already in the overtaking lane. In the meantime, keep an eye on social media…