Apotheosis Venice, the lagoon players beat Cremonese and return to Serie A


By John

It's Serie A! In the Penzo bedlam everything is more beautiful. Venezia follows Parma and Como and, next year, will play in the top Italian league. An explosion of joy that starts from the final whistle of Mr. Sozza di Seregno and ends in Piazza San Marco because, for the 21st time in their history, the orange-greens will face a Serie A championship. The celebration, which began at the end of the match with the Cremonese, will continue throughout the night and will continue over the next few days. Everyone is triumphant, from the management to the players, and finally to the coach, Paolo Vanoli who could move elsewhere (Turin?) as early as tomorrow, most likely with the midfielder Tessman. It was a memorable season for Venezia, which began with a perfect English average and continued, after a negative month, with an exemplary journey that led the lagoon players to compete for Serie A already in the last round of the championship. The defeat of La Spezia only extended the pleasure that came after two rounds of play offs with Palermo and Cremonese. Venezia closed the regular season with 70 points resulting from 13 victoriesthree draws and three home defeats and 8 external successes (4 draws and 7 knockouts), confirming, however, the team that has scored the most goals (69) with the striker Pohjanpalo (21 goals) also destined to change team (Lazio, Turin and Parma on him).

Alongside the Finnish striker, an excellent Gytkjaer (11) but also Busio (7), Tessmann (6), Pierini (5) and the central defender Altare (4) make their way. And now? What will the future be like? In the meantime we celebrate and then we will think calmly about Serie A in the hope of staying there as long as possible and not like the last two performances (2001-02) and (2021-22) where the joy lasted the space of just one championship . The next steps, after finishing the necessary celebrations, will primarily concern the replacement of Vanoli and the confirmation of the players who will be needed by the next coach. Then the company will continue to operate to try to retain its audience as much as possible. Already this year, Penzo has proven to be an almost impregnable fort with Palermo, Sudtirol and Reggiana needing three goals to win. Finally, Venetian fans are already anticipating high-sounding challenges with the big names in Italian football. Teams of the caliber of Inter, Milan, Juve, Naples and Roma will return to S. Elena and certainly not for summer friendlies. There will be time now to think about it. Now let the party begin, or rather continue, for a much coveted and deservedly conquered Serie A.