Architect killed in Pescara, investigation closed: 3 suspects. There is a Reggino


By John

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Adriatic capital has closed the investigation into the ambush on August 1, 2022, in the Parco bar, in Pescara, in which the architect was killed Walter Albi66 years old, and the former footballer was seriously injured Luca Cavallito, 49 years old. There are three suspects: the man from Pescara Cosimo Nobile, known as Mimmoalleged perpetrator of the murder; Natale Ursino, originally from Locri (Reggio Calabria) and resident in the Teramo area, linked to the ‘Ndrangheta and believed to be the instigator; and the Pescara area Maurizio Longo «qualified contact – it is written in the notice of conclusion of the investigations – of Ursino, as procurer of the helmet, the KTM 690 scooter and the «Beretta» model 98 FS pistol, caliber 9X21».

From the investigations it emerged that «Albi and Cavallito had to be punished for not having, Albi, repaid various cash loans, for having derogated – we read in the notice of conclusion of the investigations – from the agreements made for the carrying out of a transoceanic crossing in capacity of skipper aimed at ensuring the transport and delivery of narcotic substances to the final destination and/or the ferrying of people who are fugitives or burdened by criminal prejudices towards Australia, as well as for having violated the resolution agreement shared with Cavallito, in good two circumstances, of compensation for a debt not honored”. Cavallito «according to the instigator Ursino – we read again in the Prosecutor’s notice – would also have violated the agreements with Ursino himself and with Nobile, connected to a previous cross-border trafficking of narcotics, of the cocaine type, the supply of which did not appear to have arrived at the agreed port nor recovered by Cavallito”.

On the evening of the crime, Albi and Cavallito were sitting at the table when the attacker, full helmet on his face, black jacket, lighter trousers, backpack on his chest, gun in hand, fired the shots. First the shots from outside the bar, through the hedge, with which he wounded the two, both sitting on the same side of the table. Then he entered the outdoor area, passing between the vases, and shot again, at close range, aiming at the head. The architect died instantly, while the 49-year-old, in desperate conditions, was transported to hospital.