Arena, 15-year-old boy dies of leukemia. The Schinella administration proclaims city mourning


By John

Immeasurable, inexplicable and unacceptable family and community pain in Arena, in the Vibo area, where, last Saturday, at the age of 15, Massimo Barilaro died of a serious illness, appreciated boy attending the industrial institute of Vibo. Excruciating news, which shook the entire community and the entire area. From what we have learned, the disease, leukemia, was diagnosed about a year ago, after an illness during his confirmation. Since then it has been an ordeal, in which poor Massimo went from one hospital to another. He only left for one day, last Christmas. And, at this juncture, he also received a marrow transplant, from his sister, according to his information.

An immense pain for his father Mimmo and mother Francesca Cavallaro. An episode, as mentioned, which shook an entire district and which pushed the municipal administration, led by Nino Schinella, to proclaim city mourning for tomorrow: «taking into account the profound and extraordinary emotion aroused throughout the community from the mournful event” and expected that “the proclamation of citizen mourning is the way in which the Administration, interpreting the common feeling of citizenship, intends to solemnly and tangibly demonstrate its own pain and that of the entire community for the tragic event, proclaims the city’s mourning for Monday 30 October 2023, as a sign of condolence and closeness to the family of Massimo Barilaro, ordering: the display of the flag at half-mast in municipal buildings and a minute of silence in public offices; the closure of municipal offices, schools and all commercial establishments to the public, with the lowering of shutters for the entire duration of the funeral; the suspension of all public events. The funeral will take place tomorrow in Arena, starting at 3pm, in the church of Santa Maria de Latini.