Scott rebirth, abbreviated sentence holds up on appeal: almost all convictions confirmed


By John

The Court of Appeal of Catanzaro has confirmed all the sentences for mafia association imposed on 6 November 2021 by the preliminary hearing judge Claudio Paris as part of the trial, with abbreviated trial, Rinascita Scott instructed against the Vibo gangs and their associates.

In the second degree trial, there were 74 positions for which an appeal was lodged: five by the Catanzaro DDA and 69 by the defendants. The Court declared the nullity of the sentence regarding the position of Francesco Gasparro (two years in abbreviated form) for all the charges against him and ordered the return of the documents for a new trial before the judge of first instance. Same disposition towards Pasquale Gallone but only for one case of extortion and for Domenico Macrì always for a single charge.

Three acquittals: Michele Fiorillo (five years in first degree), Pasquale Tavella (one year and four months in first instance) e Carmela Cariello (four years and six months in first instance). The Court then slightly reformed the sentences for 12 defendants, including Pasquale Gallone, considered the boss’ right-hand man Luigi Mancusowhich goes from 20 years of imprisonment to 19 years and eight months, and Domenico «Mommo» Macrìhead of the clan’s military wing Pardea Ranisi, which goes from 20 years to 19 years and 10 months.

The Catanzaro DDA had only appealed against five of the 20 acquitted in the first instance. Among these was the entrepreneur and lawyer Vincenzo Renda, considered a participant in the articulation of the Mancusos of Limbadi, whose acquittal was confirmed. In the rest, the first degree sentence was confirmed and the recognition of the mafia association establishes the existence of a ‘Ndrangheta structured in a unified way with the crime of the Vibonese area.