Artificial intelligence, Bill Gates in Rome: meeting with Giorgia Meloni


By John

The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates will be received by the prime minister Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi as part of the series of meetings on artificial intelligence. Also present at the interview father Paolo Benanti. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, as part of the series of meetings on Artificial Intelligence, will receive the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates at Palazzo Chigi on Thursday 18 January, to take stock – we learn – on one of the main themes on the agenda of the Italian G7. On the topic of AI, President Meloni has already had a series of meetings with various leaders and key figures starting from the discussion with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, both on the occasion of the Artificial Intelligence Security Summit which took place in Bletchley Park last November and as part of the British Prime Minister’s recent visit to Rome. In this context, Meloni has already met other tech gurus such as Elon Musk, patron of Tesla and X, and founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, who has become one of the leading global experts in the development of artificial intelligence. Father Paolo Benanti, president of the AI ​​commission for the Information and Publishing Department, as well as Italian member of the United Nations Committee on Artificial Intelligence, will also be present at the meeting with Bill Gates. The meeting will be an opportunity to address the opportunities and risks of Artificial Intelligence with particular attention to the effects it has on the world of work and the impact on economies, the future of democracies and the major ethical issues and the consequent need to govern future changes by avoiding undergoing them.