ASC Swell, everything is ready for the sport and wellness event in Steccato di Cutro


By John

The countdown is almost over. The beautiful season will be inaugurated, again this year, by the ASC Swell 2024. “The emotion of every beat”, this is the slogan chosen for the event which combines sport, fun and entertainment, focusing attention on the values ​​of sport and the importance of physical well-being. Now in its eighth edition, the event will be organized according to a very rich program that will enliven the days of 30-31 May until 1-2 June.

Continuing on the long wave of previous editions, there will be four days dedicated to sporting well-being, entertainment but also competitive competition. To frame all this, a location equipped and organized in every aspect: the new edition, in fact, will take place atSerené Resort” in Steccato di Cutro. The entire event, which has become a point of reference for thousands of people, also represents the perfect opportunity to network and create synergies between the various organisations, athletes, sports associations and families. Every year, the mission of the organizational team is based on these principles, which through precise and painstaking work wants to ensure a path of constant and shared growth.

The ASC Swell 2024, therefore, aims to increasingly improve the experience offered through programming, organization and spirit of aggregation. Going into the initiative in detail, the event will offer a long list of sporting and wellness activities. There will be no shortage of recreational moments, musical entertainment as well as the long-awaited evening shows. The entire structure, therefore, will experience multiple moments during the four days. As in the last edition, great enthusiasm is recorded for the two most important tournaments. The “Swell Padel Cup” has received over twenty couples registered, while there is great anticipation for the “Swell Cup” of youth football.

The many participating teams will compete in the categories: First kicks (2014/2015), Pulcini (2012/2013), A9 and A5 rookies (2010/2011), Very young A11 and A 5 (2008/2009) and A11 and A5 students ( 2006/2007). Among the prestigious guests, the presence of FC Torino stands out. Sport, well-being, competition but also training in the name of sporting culture: all this and much more will characterize the 2024 edition of the ASC Swell. But, hand in hand with the many activities, the highlight will also be represented by the iconic evening shows. As usual, there will be no shortage of surprises that the organization has strongly desired in terms of entertainment and fun. Comedian Max Cavallari of the former “Fichi D'India” will perform on Friday 31 May. On June 1st, however, it will be the turn of the Santo Palumbo comedy show. On the musical front, the “Joe Pugliese Group” and “Marco Sound” will perform live. In light of the rich and varied program, the ASC Swell 2024 is ready to cut the ribbon on its VIII edition. Appointment on Thursday 30 May to inaugurate the annual sport and wellness event in the suggestive location of the “Serenè Resort” in Steccato di Cutro.