Autumn ride, exciting Sunday in Monteporo with “Onda Calabra”


By John

The fifth stage of the “Onda Calabra” traveling cycle tourism rallies took place on Sunday 15 October. The beautiful event “Autumn ride” organized in synergy by the groups Bicinsieme Paesaggi in Movimento San Costantino Calabro led by Raffaele Mancuso and Allbikes Nicotera Limbadi led by Gaetano Sardo.

A precious and effective collaboration which determined the excellent success of the event and which saw the participation of over 150 cyclists from all over Calabria. Event with attention to the smallest details from the welcome to the breakfast, a nice ride and the final lunch for all participants. Numerous cycling groups from the region spent the beautiful Sunday in the Monte Poro area enjoying an autumn day with very pleasant temperatures. The month of October is perfect for cycling thanks to the climate which is less hot than in summer with clear days and the thousand colors of the foliage which invite you to enjoy new itineraries and new views.

The 33 km nature trail entirely involved the Monte Poro area, touching panoramic points of remarkable Moments of sport and healthy aggregation without the need to be super athletes or have the latest in aerospace technology to enjoy the freedom that the bike can give. Moments of healthy aggregation that touch points of great naturalistic and gastronomic interest. What’s more beautiful than friends on bikes that combine the pleasure of pedaling carefree in nature with the tasting of local food and delicacies? this was the wonderful experience between one ride and another, savoring the culinary and gastronomic delights of the area. The fifth stage of the Onda Calabra circuit therefore ends with the awareness that experiencing moments of aggregation also allows you to get to know wonderful places that the entire region offers.