Ballot in Gioia Tauro, “match” between Mariarosaria Russo and Rosario Schiavone


By John

Some loves don’t end, they make immense turns and then return. We can summarize with this sentence the first historic association ever recorded certainly in Gioia Tauro and probably in the entire regional territory, so much so that to define its potential effects it was necessary to have a long debate even with the consultation of administrative experts. The protagonists of this agreement with a very particular process, needless to say, are the candidate for mayor of the “La Ginestra” coalition, Mariarosaria Russowho on June 23 and 24 will compete for the tricolor band with competitor Simona Scarcella, in the run-off round, and the mayoral candidate supported by the Alleanza Gioiese and Tradizione e Innovazione lists, Rosario Schiavone, which in the first round achieved a remarkable 18%. In fact, the two had already started a conversation in unsuspecting times, well before the opening of the electoral campaign, sharing mostly ideas and programs, until they parted ways due to a mere question of numbers which in effect saw them compete on the lists in a sort of “primary”. Once the first round of these administrative elections was concluded, it was therefore entirely foreseeable that the two platforms could return to dialogue to resume where they had left off, a circumstance which actually occurred and materialised.