Bandecchi's tour stops in Reggio Calabria: “They investigate me because I'm full of money”


By John

«I don't trust either the centre-right or the centre-left. I cannot have a single-family government and I cannot even have a Swiss woman, if you allow me, who commands a left-wing party in Italy. Was there a need to bring a Swiss girl? Let's wake up. I want to go back to normal things. For me there is no such thing as politics that is wrong in the village, for me there is no such thing as us trusting the Americans to know how to save healthcare in Italy. If Italian politicians don't know how to do things, I know how to do them. It is the demonstration of my life.” This was stated by the leader of Popular Alternative and mayor of Terni Stefano Bandecchi in Reggio Calabria as part of the three-day tour in Calabria with his camper.
«I was born the son of a truck driver – he added – poor, without a penny. Today it is true that I will be investigated by the Finance Department, by the firefighters, by the Judiciary, but I am being investigated because I am full of money. For this reason alone. And I am under investigation, having respected Italian laws, because some people are annoyed by the fact that I did my job better than others.”
«It's true that we are starting from very low levels – he said responding to journalists during a tour of the stalls of the local market in Piazzale Botteghelle, in the southern area of ​​the city -. However, we remain with our feet on the ground. I want to propose a Popular Alternative to the leadership of this nation. I want to propose the best to lead this country. I want to be able to be president of the Council of Ministers; if not me another person on our team. Today I don't trust either the center-right or the center-left. Not because we don't have people who are, in some cases, even valid ones, because the most valid people are put behind.”