Cosenza gives Feralpisalò a bad face


By John

«During the week the team wears work overalls but when we took to the field in the two games in which I was on the bench I don't know why we wore the party clothes. We have to stay dirty and bad. To achieve salvation there are no other solutions.”
Viali was categorical in yesterday's press conference, which preceded the trip to Piacenza. He wants to see a different attitude from his players this afternoon in the match against Feralpisalò.
It's about a challenge that offers very heavy points. «The choices I will propose will be made in order to see a team with greater intensity, physicality and strength because I demand a large volume of play. We have to play a strong game, the boys have to show they have the attributes. It is not acceptable to repeat what happened on Monday because we conceded the defeating goal on a 70 meter long ball. This is not the case, Cosenza must find a soul again. In terms of quality, attitude and determination I expect something very different. I notified the team. We have drawn a line, in the next seven games we will do our utmost to achieve the best possible results.”
The coach was also prodded about the heated internal dialogue on Tuesday: «I don't understand how this could become news, it would have been if after two defeats like those recorded in the last period we hadn't done anything to reverse the trend. I spoke crudely and if I'm still here it's because I have the confidence and I see the group as united otherwise I would have stepped aside. However, this is just talk, now we will have to convert this into real facts on the pitch. I want to see a positive match in terms of performance and nervousness.”
In the last few hours there has also been a discussion with the rossoblù fans: «Once again they have shown a mature attitude. It was a constructive dialogue. We must react for them too and reciprocate the trust and energy they have transmitted to us.”
The coach from Sila warns against Feralpisalò: «I've seen them live several times. They know how to fight and stay in the game. They are good at limiting the characteristics of their opponents. They have great physicality and are tricky on set pieces. We will have to be very careful with Felici because he has proven to be one of the most interesting players in this Serie B. We must not give him too much freedom.”
Finally, Viali said he is focusing a lot on the “leadership” of Tutino, “certainly on the pitch from the first minute” and “on the always positive attitude of D'Orazio and Forte”.
The left back should see himself among the starters again. He then smashes towards the bench. Changes are also expected in the other lines. Voca and Praszelik possible changes in midfield. Zuccon and Florenzi risk being cut.
Crespi could confirm his place in attack, with a slight tactical change and the switch to 4-3-1-2. Marras could remain to inspire him and Tutino.