Basile’s solidarity with De Luca: he has always believed in and valued female figures well beyond the pink quotas


By John

“I cannot fail to express my full solidarity with Mayor Cateno De Luca. From mayor to mayor, from administrator to administrator, to the one who in the council and in the subsidiaries has always believed in and valued female figures well beyond the so-called female quotas”. The mayor of Messina stated this in a note: Federico Basile.

“It’s not right – continued Basile – that for mere political exploitation all this is covered up by shifting attention to non-existent topics, should we rather focus on the political inconsistency and the total lack of human respect represented by certain unjustified changes of shirt? I wanted to refrain from commenting on the sad recent events that have affected the family of Sud Gioca Nord but I couldn’t resist this mystification of Cateno De Luca’s story. We move forward ever stronger and always alongside our leader. Even on this occasion the weather will be a gentleman!”.

“After June 2022 – Basile recalled – with my election as Mayor of Messina a new new political season with the Regional and National elections which saw the birth of the SOUTH calls NORTH movement, an ambitious project in which we all believed and continue to believe. A project born just 12 months ago which has brought concrete results to the administered territories with the election of eight deputies to the Sicilian Parliament and two to the Italian Parliament. To have an impact you have to believe in it and work every day and political ‘comparisons’ are not enough. Those who believe in a project carry it forward without being enchanted by the sirens of power as an end in itself that leads you to lose your mind. We are all the result of the project that Cateno De Luca started in Messina in June 2018 and which we are carrying forward with the constancy and coherence that does not belong to politics but to individual people, not all of whom are grateful and honest with their electorate. But in life you make choices and you are judged on those!”