Attack on Israel, Crosetto: “Unstable area and Russia may have an interest in destabilizing the situation”


By John

«It is a terrorist attack, almost a declaration of war in the face of which there could only be Italy’s solidarity. We are thinking about the possible developments of this war, unexpected above all due to the intensity which has no equal in the last 20 years”.

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto says so in an interview with Corriere della Sera. «There are many elements of instability in the area – he added – from Syria to Lebanon and Iran and Russia may have an interest in destabilizing the area. I am also worried about the 1200 soldiers of the Unifil mission located on the border between Israel and Lebanon. The conflict with Hamas exploded in the South but the risk of destabilization also concerns the North.” Crosetto underlined that «In Italy there is an alert because unfortunately, these events can lead to a trail of anti-Semitism». The minister recalled having said days ago that «I was worried about Iran perhaps more than Ukraine and everyone replied that I had been getting too much sun. Hamas is not historically close to Iran but we are living in a phase in which common elements are being consolidated. The Israeli reaction will be very harsh.” And speaking of Ukraine, Crosetto said that «Italian support has always been convinced from a political point of view but has never been unlimited in terms of the possibility of contributions».

Then speaking about the case of the Apostolic Judge and the possibility of a rekindling of the conflict between politics and the judiciary, Crosetto said: «We don’t need to rekindle the war, but raising the problems is right. Who says that politics wants conflict? Every occasion is a good one for the other party to respond in a united manner. If I say that I don’t trust a magistrate, I’m not attacking the judiciary. Let’s try not to widen the controversy and let’s stick to the facts, that is, the necessary impartiality of a judge.”