Big surprise in Messina: the “cage” has been removed from the Orion Fountain. Diagnostic investigations concluded


By John

To the amazement of passers-by in Piazza Duomo, this morning work began on dismantling the scaffolding which for years had caged the splendid Orione fountain, created by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli and dating back to 1553. No fuss, no official appointment for days. A very happy event that gives back to the city and its visitors, at least the complete vision of one of the most prestigious architectural assets. But apparently this is not a definitive conclusion since the works carried out in the last few days only concern the diagnostic investigations phase.

For details on the important intervention of the work we asked Mauro Corrao, the manager of the company that carried out the diagnostic investigations and who was on site this morning

“In about a month and a half of investigation activities – said Corrao – the fountain was characterized from both a material and structural point of view. In the first case, laboratory investigations were carried out on samples taken and then continued with ultrasound, high frequency and high resolution ground penetrating radar, 3D electrical tomography on the various elements of the fountain itself. In the second case, structural investigations in the sub-foundation base to see any anomalies or failures”. “So instrumentation was installed, during the repeated summer events in Piazza Duomo, to verify and monitor the vibrational state and therefore any interference with the static and stability of the work. All this data collected has determined the most affected areas and therefore indicated how to proceed. It will therefore be the Superintendent who will establish what are the best and quickest interventions to carry out to restore the fountain to its initial state.