“Bonanno” with the headlights…off. Two derbies-Juniors are played practically in the dark


By John

A match scheduled for 4.30pm, finished after 7pm: Messana-Peloro, Juniores category lasted much longer than it should have, interrupted three times due to the lighting system of the “Bonanno” sports field, which went haywire and also put the dispute of the race at risk. Specifically, one of the four light towers intermittently stopped working, forcing the teams and the referee to return to the locker rooms. In the end, the match ended with a part of the pitch totally in the dark, also due to the sporting choice of Peloro (who lost 2-1), given that the alternative would have been the defeat of the home team Messana (but Peloro also plays within the friendly walls of the Annunziata).

An unfortunate event, which occurred a few days after the installation of the light towers themselves, whose failure to function had cast doubt on the evening use of the system for weeks, leaving many companies in uncertainty. After this match, Fair Play-Atletico Messina was also played in the same conditions.