Borrell: ‘When will too many deaths in Gaza be too many?’. Front of no confidence in Netanyahu


By John

When will too many deaths in Gaza be too many? This is the question that arises the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, who announces that the situation will be discussed at today’s foreign affairs council. And he underlines that from now on we will have to talk about a two-state solution.

“The humanitarian situation in Gaza – reflects Borrell – could not be worse, there is no food, medicine and people are under bombs. Some ministers accept that there are too many civilian victims but when is enough enough? Today we will also talk about this “ Quando-troppi-morti-a-gaza-saranno-troppi-fronte-di-sfiducia-a-netanyahu-73e79bdf-6cb4-4ca9 -8ed4-0bdaa7e47937/.”It is not the way to conduct a military operation, and I say this with respect for the victims of 7 October”, adds the European representative.

“From now on we must talk about a two-state solution and not a peace process, words are important”, explains Josep Borrell arriving at the foreign affairs council. “I know Israel doesn’t agree but it’s unacceptable, as the UN secretary general said. So we need to discuss. What is their solution? Kick people out of Gaza? Kill them all? Israel has been stirring up hatred for generations,” he specifies. And “Hamas is one of the obstacles to the two-state solution, but not the only one. We must work with the Arab world and discuss approaches among ourselves to achieve progress.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli Labor Party, 4 seats out of 120 in the Knesset, will today present a motion of no confidence – the first since the beginning of the war – against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu due to “its failure to bring home the hostages” held by Hamas in Gaza. The party made this known by underlining that “the government is not taking the necessary decisions to save them and bring them back”. Labor – led by Merav Michaeli – has said it expects opposition parties to “support the no-confidence motion”, even though the chances of it passing are slim.

The EU Presidency calls for an immediate ceasefire for Gaza

“On behalf of Belgium and the EU Presidency, the message I will bring today is clear: we call for an immediate ceasefirethe release of the hostages, respect for international law, the return to the peace process which must lead to the creation of the two States”. This was said by the Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib before the Foreign Affairs Council. “There is a clear risk of regionalization of the conflict. The violence also needs to stop in the West Bank. We hope to be able to organize a peace conference in Brussels, in the more or less near future, which can truly relaunch political dialogue”, he underlined.

Sejourn√©: ‘I hope soon sanctions will be imposed on violent settlers in the West Bank’

“I hope that sanctions will arrive in the next few days for violent Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s words on the two-state solution are disturbing: we need the creation of a Palestinian state with security guarantees for all.” The French Foreign Minister said this, Stephane Sejourn√©in Brussels.

Luxembourg, without Israel at the peace conference table useless

“If Israel is not at the peace table there is no point in organizing a big conference.” Luxembourg Foreign Minister Xavier Bettel said this. “The plan presented by Borrell goes in the right direction.”