Budget ok in Reggio. And now the green light for hiring


By John

The City Council approved the 2022 consolidated budget. The Councilor for Finance illustrated it in the classroom, Irene Calabrò, speaking of a document that «closes with very positive data. The consolidated financial statement includes, within the municipal budget, the financial data of the investee companies Atam, Castore, Hermes and Trincal. The companies’ data is satisfactory and leads to an operating result under the responsibility of the parent company, in this case the Municipality, of 31 million”.
According to Irene Calabrò, there are two elements that indicate the good performance of the financial management of the subsidiaries: «The increase in the availability of liquidity and their net worth which stands at around 40 million. The positive evolution of control and the attention on the part of the administration – concluded the councilor – testify to an activity which, over time, has focused on the recovery of companies, their strengthening of financial capacity and the consequent possibility of relaunch through new investments”.