Building amnesty in 2024? Here's what we know about the home saver announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure


By John

Will there be a “building amnesty” in 2024? The home-saving rule of the deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister Matteo Salvini is causing discussion among the government majority. The text has not yet reached the other ministers and not even at Palazzo Chigi, after the declarations of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the provision would have arrived.

“I absolutely don't know the text and I don't think anyone has ever seen it. We will evaluate it when it is presented”, says the other deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, explaining that a Forza Italia proposal on the urban regeneration which already foresees the things Salvini talked about”. The minister underlines that “an amnesty cannot be made but some things can be remedied which do not cause substantial alterations to the buildings”.

But Salvini assures that the text will go to the CDM as soon as possible. “I heard on the radio that my friend Tajani said he hadn't read the proposal yet, we will take it to the Council of Ministers and you will see that it will not go towards remedying building violations but towards relieving the burden on the Municipalities and making the citizens who will thank us happy” , says the minister to Antenna 3 Lombardia. Salvini points out that from the study carried out with technicians and 50 associations that deal with houses, it emerged that 90% of Italians own their own home and «80% have small internal discrepancies » that block the Municipalities.

“We're not talking about favors for villas in protected areas or help for crafty people”, specifies the deputy prime minister once again, illustrating the case of Milan where “there are 170 thousand building practices stopped in the municipality, with citizens blocked”. So “we allow the procedures to be closed, you pay what you have to pay so the municipalities also benefit and you go back to being the owner who sells and buys without problems”, explains Salvini.

From a technical point of view, the cases that could fall under the home-saving rule could concern an apartment whose internal spaces do not correspond to the floor plan, such as a moved partition or a differently positioned window. A dated property whose building permit cannot be found. Or interventions carried out before 1977 when the concept of “variation during construction” did not exist. Therefore construction or formal differences but also situations of not total certainty to be brought back within a regularization framework. A rule, however, unknown to Prime Minister Meloni herself and the opposition goes on the attack on this. In particular the M5S which talks about “comical endings”, with a “vice prime minister who throws things that the prime minister knows nothing about” and of a government that “seems like a remake of Bagaglino”.