Calabria, autonomy slowed down by the Lep. Bank of Italy: still too generic


By John

The definition of the essential performance levels (Lep) in the context of the differentiated autonomy reform remains under the spotlight. Last Saturday, the regional president Roberto Occhiuto’s warning came from the national assembly of local authorities of Forza Italia in Monza, urging the definition of the Lep and the related quantification (and assignment) of the resources under penalty of postponing the start of the reform, whose bill is still under discussion in the Senate. Occhiuto was keen to underline that this definition is a fixed point, as it is the result of the changes made to the bill by the FI ministers.
Right at Palazzo Madama, meanwhile, the first permanent commission addressed the aspect of the essential levels of services, focusing on the letter that the governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Viscosent in recent days to the president of the Committee for the definition of the Lep, the constitutionalist Sabino Cassese, which contains various reflections and highlighted potential critical issues of the path started.