Catanzaro in search of the internal smile. There is Feralpisalò, the training ballots


By John

Feralpisalò to test itself again after a two-week break. The “Ceravolo” to extend the winning streak (two, always away) interrupted only by the national teams. After Genoa and Bolzano we start again from home. The last home success is almost two months old (30 August, 3-0 against Spezia), it’s time to get off to a great start here too.
«Based on the latest results it may be true that stopping us wasn’t good, but I’m thinking in the long term and in this period we were able to carry out a lot of tactical workto correct some negative aspects, so the break was certainly positive”, explained Vincenzo Vivarini after the finishing touch to Giovino who removed all doubts about Krajnc’s back pain cancellation (“It doesn’t seem like anything serious, we should have him back available for the next one”) and increased the wait to see back in action what, according to numbers hand, it’s a playoff team. «We are happy with what we have done so far and it is good that people have enthusiasm, but we know Serie B, an intriguing and never predictable tournament in which we need to keep our feet on the ground, therefore we think about one match at a time to get to the best conditions in March-April, when the championship will be decided.”
In short, the road is still long and today’s passage against one of the rivals in the last C Super Cup is central: «Compared to that match, Feralpi has changed a lot, some principles of play, the way of being on the pitch», said the coach, recalling the match of 29 April, won 2-1 by the Eagles in a comeback: «The Lombards have quality, strong attackers like La Mantia and Butic, a very well-prepared coach and they are working to find the best balance, so I I’m waiting for them to show up here fierce.”

Two ballots in the starting line-up: Brignola (favourite) and Sounas for the position as right winger in midfield, Biasci (apparently ahead) and Donnarumma to partner Iemmello: «If the captain hasn’t scored at home yet it’s just a coincidence. As for Donnarumma – underlined Vivarini -, he arrived after retiring, so I am satisfied with what he has given so far, even if I expect much more because he can give it.”
The rest of the 4-4-2 is a question of continuity and confirmations with only one new addition, Veroli at left back for Krajnc: Katseris at the bottom right, Verna next to Ghion in the middle, obviously Vandeputte on the left wing.
Catanzaro has many options to focus on during the match: Stoppa, Pompetti, Pontisso, the “azzurri” Ambrosino and D’Andrea. The Napoli center forward was the last to return from the Under 21 team: «I was sorry to lose him for the call-up because he would have worked to improve his condition. He is an extraordinary footballer, he has proven it and he must be expected.” The Sassuolo winger, protagonist in the Under 20s, just needs to grow a little more tactically: «Talent with numbers, you’ve seen them, he needs to understand some aspects and take away a bit of individualism».