Calabria, maxi operation against the illicit management of municipal purifiers: 6 companies seized, 17 arrests THE NAMES


By John

Since the early hours of this morning, in the provinces of Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia and Cosenza, the Carabinieri of the Environmental Protection and Energy Safety Command and of the Forestry and Parks Protection Command have implemented numerous personal and real precautionary measures (17 arrests, 4 in prison and 13 under house arrest; an obligation to report to the judicial police; 6 companies seized), as part of an investigation coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Catanzaro, on a significant environmental pollution caused by the illicit management of multiple purification plants serving the Calabrian municipalities. The operation involved 150 Carabinieri.

The names of the suspects

In jail:

Mario Minieri (Caraffa di Catanzaro, 06.26.1962);
Giuseppe Minieri (Soverato, 17.07.1989);
Saverio Minieri (Soverato, 01.28.1991);
Giuseppe Donatello Valentino (Caraffa di Catanzaro, 18.08.1974);

Under house arrest:

Vincenzo Papalia (Cinquefrondi, 03.20.1981);
Ilario Serianni (Catanzaro, 16.10.1987);
Giuseppe Passafaro (Catanzaro, 09.29.1968);
Raffaele Passafaro (Catanzaro, 01.23.2001);
Antonietta Vescio Campisano (Lamezia Terme, 20.11.1978);
Gioacchino Rutigliano (Terlizzi, 05.03.1985);
Andrea Talarico (Lamezia Terme, 06.27.1989);
Davide Bartucca (Lamezia Terme, 24.10.1983);
Domenico Rosariano (Catanzaro, 03.12.1985);
Francesco Pungitore (Lamezia Terme, 10.17.1976);
Giuseppe Bongarzone (Catanzaro, 02.05.1988);
Ernesto Lento (Nicastro, 05.29.1962);
Vincenzo Ruggero Talarico (Sambiase, 04.03.1964).

Obligation to submit on page

Giovanni Passafaro (Iseo, 05.28.1991).