Calabria, new work plan on the Limina tunnel of the SS «Jonio-Tirreno». 128.5 million euros arrive for the «Trasversale delle Serre»


By John

The General Directorate for Roads of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport today gave the green light to the Calabria Region for the new work plan on the «Limina» tunnel on the «Jonio-Tirreno» SS. To avoid the total closure of the artery for approximately 20 months which would have led to the substantial isolation of Locride and the Tyrrhenian territories crossed, technicians from Anas, the Region and the Ministry have worked on a new plan for the maintenance work to be carried out on the tunnel. This plan provides for an initial maintenance intervention of the current tunnel, aimed at resolving short and medium term maintenance problems, to be carried out exclusively at night, with short total closures whose timing will be agreed with the territory.
The plan also envisages a second, long-term intervention, which involves the construction of the second tunnel tube which allows the tunnel to be equipped with the structural safety measures required by current regulations. The financing necessary for the second barrel of the «Limina» will be found in the next program contract, in agreement with the Calabria Region and Anas.
Also today, the Ministry led by Matteo Salvini has authorized the advance of a further loan of 128.5 million euros for the SS182 «Trasversale delle Serre». After an authorization process that lasted less than a year, thanks to the synergy of all the bodies involved, with these resources, complete financial coverage was achieved for the construction of all five lots of the Traversale, the overall investment of which amounts to 521 million euros. In this way, the Extraordinary Commissioner will be able to start the negotiation activities for the works on the entire artery.
«We confirm the utmost attention to the requests of the territories, from South to North, knowing that we must make up for decades of too many Nos», comments the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini.