Calabria region, approval of stability law and budget 2024-26


By John

The “Omnibus” law took a step backwards and was not submitted to the Council for consideration. President Mancuso, at the opening of the session, announced that the law, which also contains very urgent rules, will respect the bureaucratic process and will pass through the Commissions before arriving in the Chamber. «There are instead some issues which are of pressing necessity and cogency – added President Occhiuto – starting from the rule that authorizes us to assign 1.5 million to Sacal for the consolidation of airport routes; the other rule concerns the reclamation consortia and the recently passed law which wanted the passage of workers to Green Calabria under the same conditions, but following an in-depth analysis we realized that there are some managerial positions that deserve to be evaluated beyond legal constraints. The third rule concerns the spending review which limits expenses for personnel and consultancy for entities and companies owned by the Region”.
The Regional Council approved by majority the “Regional Stability Law 2024” and the “Financial Budget of the Calabria Region for the years 2024-2026”. The president of the second commission illustrated it in the chamber Antonio Montuoro (FdI). Overall, the maneuver amounts to approximately 6.5 billion euros, 4.37 billion, equal to 67.3%, well over half of the budget, are destined for healthcare. In the ensuing debate, all the opposition’s interventions focused on the contribution that the Calabria Region will be called upon to pay as co-financing for the construction of the bridge over the Strait.