Calabria Region, notice of sports vouchers for young people aged 14 to 24


By John

From 12pm on Monday 6 May 2024, the measure: “Calabria for young people” will be active, which will allow the provision of sports vouchers to all young Calabrians aged between 14 and 24.

There were 676 amateur associations in Calabria that joined, providing a range of 1,434 courses on which young Calabrians will be able to choose the disciplines, the structures in which to practice sports (even more than one discipline), based on the range indicated by the sports associations: athletics, cycling, sports dance, baseball, volleyball, golf, football, martial arts, water sports, tennis, paddle, water and underwater sports, checkers, basketball, dog training, weightlifting, archery, skiing and much more.

Each applicant will be able to obtain only one sports voucher, sports practice must be carried out for at least 2 hours per week and can be carried out by 28 February 2025.

For the assignment of the voucher, priority will be given to the lowest ISEE income; in case of equal ISEE, to the chronological order of submission of the application on the platform.

“The purpose of the notice – highlights the vice president of the Region with delegation to the branch Giusi Princi – promoted in collaboration with Sport and Health and for which the Region's education department has allocated 800 thousand euros, is to encourage the active participation of young people residing in Calabria in practicing sports at gyms, sports centers and schools. The voucher will be worth 500 euros and will be paid out through Calabrian sports clubs and associations. It is the first time that in Calabria such an important measure has been reserved for sport, strongly desired and conceived together with the President of the Region to bring young people closer to the practice of sport and also as a tool for relational aggregation and overcoming psychological fragility”.

The warning will remain active until 4pm on 5 June 2024.

All information is contained in the notice published on the Sport e Salute website at the following link: and on the Calabria Region website