Gioia Tauro, yet another serious fire inside the Ciambra


By John

An entire city literally held in check for about five hours; two teams of firefighters from the Palmi and Polistena detachments, assisted by the Bagnara volunteers, who had to fight face to face with the very high flames and the impenetrable blanket of smoke, several police cars from the city police station rushed to the scene, some homes evacuated, the frames of the homes closest to the fire touched and then damaged by the fire. This is the outcome of yet another serious fire that broke out in the afternoon, around 3.30pm, in the Ciambra district, a notorious ghetto where for years a large community of Roma, now settled, including dozens of minors, has been relegated to shameful conditions. According to what has been leaked, the cause of the real inferno that devoured several hundred square meters of vegetation, among which all types of waste were hidden, could have been either the vulgar illicit activity of melting the plastic casing of the wires of copper stolen to obtain the precious material or the firecrackers thrown by some local children for fun, hypotheses still to be examined but which, at first, would also have caused a fight between residents. The fact is that at least until 8.30 pm the people of Gioia were forced to barricade themselves inside the house with doors and windows bolted to avoid inhaling the dioxin released.