Calabria Region, structural monitoring service launched on the hall of Palazzo Campanella


By John

Among the interventions aimed at the conservation, saving and improvement of the energy efficiency of Palazzo Campanella (headquarters of the Regional Council of Calabria), the contract was signed for the creation of the “Structural monitoring system of the Francesco Fortugno council chamber”.

The Technical Sector – directed by the architect Gianmarco Plastino – in following up on the implementation of the programmatic document approved by the President’s Office, it provided for the delivery of the service and the start of structural monitoring activities.

“It’s about – explains the president Filippo Mancuso – to implement a technological system that allows the collection of real-time data on the state of a structure, through the use of sensors connected to the internet. Through the implementation of this intervention, the Regional Council is equipped with an emerging technology in the field of engineering experimentation, which allows it to continuously monitor the dynamics in operation of a building organism, detecting any problems in advance, reducing the risk of accidents and guaranteeing safety of people and activities”.

He adds: “The benefits of using this system are considerable. Not only in terms of safety, but also of efficiency and economic savings. The collection of a large amount of data, which can be analyzed to prevent any critical issues and plan maintenance interventions, allows, in fact, the reduction of maintenance costs and the improvement of efficiency. The signal that the Authority wants to give is to use the most advanced technologies in the field of civil engineering, through the implementation of a model that can be applied to other public buildings”.