Calabria, the extension for the budgets is official: there will be time until March 15th


By John

The breath of fresh air the Municipalities were waiting for has arrived. The State-City and Local Autonomies Conference, chaired by the Calabrian undersecretary of the Interior, Wanda Ferro, expressed a favorable opinion on the draft decree of the Interior Ministry and the Mef which postpones the deadline for the approval of the budgets of the Ministry to 15 March 2024 year 2024 of local authorities. The request for extension, formulated in November by the ANCI and the UPI, was motivated by the difficulties encountered by many local authorities in relation to the uncertainty on the financial effects deriving from the final regulation of the use of Covid resources, from the setting aside of resources for contractual renewals and for the effects of the application of the 2019-2021 national employment contract, from the delays in the disbursement of advances for Pnrr investments with the related cash advances, to which are added the cuts indicated by the budget law whose distribution will take place in the month of January.