Calabria, the notice for investments in plants and machinery by SMEs has been presented


By John

Rosario Vari and Paolo Praticò
“From today the incentive plan developed by the regional government to support productive investments, strengthen the competitiveness of our companies and create jobs becomes operational. Multi-year tenders, simplified procedures and effective communication of measures are characterizing elements of the Plan through which we will support the production system”. This was stated by the regional councilor for economic development and cultural attractions, Rosario Vari, during the press conference to present the public notice to support investments in plants and machinery by small and medium-sized Calabrian businesses.

“Let us therefore begin – specified Varì – to spend the resources of the Calabria 21/27 regional programme, the community resources, for the benefit of businesses. The tender published today, ‘support for investments in plants and machinery of SMEs’ will allow Calabrian companies to expand and renew equipment and systems, making them innovative and compliant with the needs dictated by the ecological and digital transition. It has an endowment of 25 million euros and each company will be able to make investments of between 30 and 500 thousand euros with the possibility of obtaining a non-repayable fund of between 50 and 60%.”concluded councilor Vari.

The general manager of the regional department also spoke at the press meeting, Paolo Praticò.

Specifically, with this Notice, we intend to support the investments of small and medium-sized enterprises, made and located in Calabria, pto encourage production models that hinge on the ecological and digital transition. In fact, the eligible actions concern the ecological transition (energy saving, efficient use of resources, intelligent packaging) and digital transition (updated technologies, process optimization). Investments for new organizational models and innovative business processes are also included. It is financed with resources referred to in Action 1.3.1 “Competitiveness of the regional production system” of the Pr Calabria Fesr ESF 2021-2027 – strategic objective 1 – A more competitive and intelligent Europe, priority 1 – Research, Innovation and Competitiveness – objective specific: Rso1.3.

The aid is granted in the form of capital grants ex articles 14 and 18 Reg. 651/14. The beneficiaries of the notice are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and, among these, the following are excluded: companies operating in the fishing and aquaculture sector referred to in Regulation (EC) no. 104/2000 of the Council; companies operating in the primary production sector of agricultural products; companies operating in the sectors referred to in the art. 13 of Reg. 651/2014.

The applications submitted will be examined using the over-the-counter evaluation methods, based on the chronological order of receipt and, on the basis of the elements of admissibility and admissibility, they will be financed until the available resources are exhausted.

After the official publication of the Notice today, 30 October 2023, from 20 November to 20 December it will be possible to prepare applications on the platform; Applications must be sent on December 21st.

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