Verstappen never tamed, the Sprint race in Brazil is his. Ferrari thinks about tomorrow


By John

A never satiated Max Verstappen also wins the Sprint Race of the Brazilian Grand Prix, putting another success in his pocket among the many already obtained during an absolutely dominated season. Behind him in second place comes Lando Norris with McLaren, while Sergio Perez is third with the other Red Bull. George Russell’s Mercedes was fourth, Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari was fifth, while their respective team mates Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz finished seventh and eighth. Verstappen’s start was aggressive and he immediately burned Norris at the first corner, with the British driver from McLaren who was also attacked and overtaken by Russell a few hundred meters later. The duel between the two compatriots is also repeated on the fifth lap, this time with Norris responding and retaking the position. Meanwhile, Perez, the protagonist of a bad start, slipped to fourth place and was put under siege for a moment by Hamilton and Leclerc, who however were unable to overtake him. The Mexican from Red Bull defends himself and later also takes back the lowest step of the podium from Russell. In fact nothing else happens, the only thing to note is the drastic drop in Hamilton’s tyres, forced to suffer overtaking from Leclerc and even Tsunoda, finishing in seventh place.