Calabrian ministerial interns: approval in the Budget Commission for the Cannizzaro amendment


By John

The Cannizzaro amendment to the Southern Italy Legislative Decree has just been approved by the Budget Committeereopening the competition for 266 ministerial interns left out a year ago. Thanks to the great painstaking work carried out in recent days together with the President of the Region Roberto Occhiuto, we are giving an extraordinary possibility of hiring to those who have already worked at the Calabrian offices of the Ministries of Justice and Culture who had been excluded from the pool”. So in a post on social media, the Forza Italia deputy Francesco Cannizzaro.

Occhiuto: “Good news for many professionals”

“The Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has approved an amendment presented by Forza Italia to the South decree which authorizes the Department of Public Function to announce new selective procedures for the 266 Calabrian ministerial trainees left out after the last competition. I thank Francesco Cannizzaro, author of the proposed amendment in Parliament, for the commitment and for the precious work done in recent weeks at Montecitorio, and the Minister for Public Administration, Paolo Zangrillo, for the sensitivity demonstrated. Now many professionals who in recent years had served at the Calabrian offices of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Culture will have a great new opportunity to be hired. Really good news.” Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria Region, stated this in a note.