Capital of the Book 2024: the Council of Ministers chooses Taurianova


By John

The Council of Ministers, upon proposal of the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, decided to assign the title of Italian Book Capital, for the year 2024, to the city of Taurianova (RC), pursuant to article 4 of law 13 February 2020, n. 15. The assignment takes place on the basis of the unanimous decision of the jury, since “the proposal represents an improvement in the cultural offer which materializes in a significant changeeven in the long term, as it aims at social inclusion with the use of new technologies and the involvement of young people and categories at risk of marginalization, spreading the habit of reading and enhancing the social image of books.

In particular, the project was also convincing due to the historical and geographical context, as it can constitute a laboratory of pedagogy, of cultural, civil and social redemption“. Furthermore, on the proposal of the Minister himself, given the agreement reached in the Joint Conference, the Council of Ministers resolved to award the Municipality of L'Aquila the title of “Italian Capital of Culture” for the year 2026.