Car crushed by two trucks in a huge collision in Sciacca: a 49-year-old from Messina dies


By John

One person died and one was seriously injured in a road accident which occurred late in the morning on state road 115 “South Occidentale Sicula”, in Sciacca, in the province of Agrigento. According to an initial reconstruction, two trucks would have “compressed” a car which was between the two heavy vehicles due to a rear-end collision.

One of the occupants of the car died, he is AA, a 49-year-old from Longi, while another person was injured. Firefighters, ambulances, police forces and even an air ambulance rushed to the scene. The road was closed. The same highway 115, this morning, had remained “off limits” for a long time at kilometer 116 due to a leak of LPG in a fuel plant. After being closed as a precaution, the road was reopened