Monica Lewinsky becomes a model, in the field for the 2024 vote: “Go to the polls, make yourselves heard”


By John

Monica Lewinsky takes over the scene and forcefully bursts into the electoral campaign for the White House. She does so as a model for a popular fashion brand, Reformation, with the aim of convincing Americans, and especially women, to vote in 2024.

«Voting is using your voice to be heard, and it is the most important aspect of democracy. Voting is always important but the stakes are particularly high this year with voter frustration and apathy likely to have a significant impact on turnout,” Lewinsky said, commenting on the “You've Got the Power” advertising campaign. “.

Bill Clinton's former intern, protagonist of one of the biggest scandals that has ever engulfed the White House, is immortalized in the role of the 'power woman', with traditional office jackets and clothes but revisited in colors and materials to keep them up to date with the times and reflect the idea of ​​a strong woman, who is not afraid and who wants to make herself heard.

An image that evokes the strength that Lewinsky had to show over the years to get her life back after the scandal of her sexual relationship with former President Clinton. Years in which she turned her weaknesses and fears into a battle against “cyber-bullying”, of which she has long considered herself “patient zero”. She is now 50 years old, she recently turned 22 when she was overwhelmed by the sexy scandal with the then American president, she Lewinsky, she appears strong and confident.

«It was a year of acceptance. I have been able to accept many things in my life,” she said. The photos for the fashion brand were taken by photographer Zoey Grossman while the campaign was curated in collaboration with, the largest American non-profit at the forefront of encouraging and encouraging voting.

To demonstrate its civic commitment and give an even greater boost to its “You've Got the Power” campaign, the brand has donated 25,000 dollars to as well as having set up a “hub” where you can find all the answers on how to register for the polls and why to vote.

“Monica has long pushed for the emancipation of women and to make them feel strong, so it made sense for us to get help,” Reformation said, explaining Lewinsky's choice. “And if nice clothes don't solve all the problems, wearing them to vote is a good start,” added the company known for its environmental and social commitment.