Cariati, from refusal to purchase cigarettes to kidnapping and extortion: the person responsible arrested


By John

In the late afternoon of Saturday 23 March 2024 the Carabinieri of the Cariati station, dependent on the Territorial Department of Corigliano Rossano, with the investigative coordination of the Castrovillari Public Prosecutor's Office, directed by the chief prosecutor Alessandro D'Alessiocarried out a precautionary measure in prison against a 35-year-old local man, considered seriously suspected of the crimes of home invasion, kidnapping, aggravated extortion, personal injury, illicit intermediation and labor exploitation.

The alleged crimes date back to the middle of February, when a young disabled Bulgarian refused to comply with yet another request to purchase cigarettes made by a minor on behalf of his father. From that moment on, the foreign “fragile subject” experienced days of harassment, humiliation and abuse, interrupted only by the intervention of the Carabinieri.

The crucial facts begin a few days after the refusal, when the injured party was woken up in the middle of the night and forced, against his will, to remain locked in the house to suffer the violence of the 35-year-old, supported by the same boy who had represented that « claim” which allowed no replies. From that night and for over a weekthe victim was forced to endure and comply with the demands of the active subject who, in addition to beating him, segregating him and injuring him, continued to demand the purchase of alcohol and other consumer goods. In the following days the foreigner also had to carry out a series of heavy maintenance and gardening jobs, which did not include any rest period. Exhausting work that had to be carried out both day and night, without the possibility of rest and which certainly could not be supported by a fragile body like that of the victim. For this reason, at the end of our strength, the foreigner collapsed in a business where he had been sent to make another purchase of beers for the man who had been keeping him “in check” for days. The unusual situation has generated many doubts among the other patrons of the place who decided to have the Carabinieri of the Cariati station intervene. The military verified that the young Bulgarian had an obvious wound inflicted with a cutting instrument and deemed it necessary to investigate the matter further. The investigations carried out subsequently, with the investigative coordination of the Magistrates, made it possible to reconstruct what is believed to have happened and to implement a series of initiatives to protect the victim of this affair.

The subject to whom the precautionary measure was applied was transferred to the Castrovillari prison, where he will remain available to be subjected to the guarantee interrogation.

The news is spread to guarantee the prerogatives of information and in respect of the rights of the suspect – who still has to be considered subject to the presumption of innocence pending the current phase of the proceedings, whose criminal responsibilities can only be ascertained through a sentence that has become irrevocable .