Photos of Macron in boxing gloves are going crazy. The historian Anceau: index of “neo-populist machismo”


By John

The photographs of the president, Emmanuel Macron, with boxing gloves, while training in the gym, his gaze fixed on the bag, his face and muscles tightened by the effort, are going crazy in France. The black and white shots published on Soazig's Instagram profile de la Moissonnière, the president's official photographer, continue to arouse reactions throughout the country, including positive comments, doubts and teasing.

According to his wife, Brigitte Macron, the French leader is a regular visitor to the boxing club. He goes there “twice a week”, declared the Première dame, in an interview published in Paris Match on 16 November 2023. Macron had already appeared in boxing gear last 8 January, in a short video published on his profile 200 days before the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

For historian Eric Anceau, professor of contemporary history at the Université de Lorraine, those photos are an indication of the “neo-populist machismo staged today by some leaders, starting with a master of the genre, Vladimir Putin”.

In France, the photos of Macron in gloves follow those of the former Minister of Health and former government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, who spoke about his new life as a deputy and doctor to the newspaper Le Figaro, who was also in the gym with his gloves. But the best-known political boxer beyond the Alps is the former prime minister, Edouard Philippe, a great enthusiast of the ring.