Cariati: who is Filomena Greco, among the “unpresentable” at the European Championships: “I am and remain the anti-clan mayor in the land of the bosses”


By John

In the list of candidates “unpresentable” she's there too, Filomena Greco. Former mayor of Cariati and now candidates for the European elections on the United States of Europe list. The former mayor of the center of the lower Ionian Cosentino wrote a post on social media to respond to the media routine that was triggered following the presence of his name in the list of “unpresentable” candidates drawn up by the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.

“Dear friends, dear friends. It's me, who is the Mayor of the border I have made the fight against clans a flag, I find myself on a list of the so-called “unpresentables” of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission. Blunder or vulgar political revenge? Whoever decides should know the facts well, otherwise they will cause unfair damage to a woman who has been indicated in the documents of the Catanzaro Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office as a “Mayor who fights the clans”. Title also reported in various national newspapers such as Repubblica. In my capacity as Mayor at the time, as soon as I took office, I dutifully terminated the contract for waste collection with a company hit by an anti-mafia ban, a choice fully supported by the Prefect.

I expected institutional applause and not inclusion in a list of unpresentable people. I was involved in an incredible legal case only because I waived the statute of limitations on my own initiative. I did it because I want my total and complete innocence to emerge clearly. I am a strong woman, I have faced many challenges and it will certainly not be an oversight by a noble parliamentary commission like the Anti-Mafia one that will stop me. My campaign continues more determined than before, strengthened by my battles as Mayor against corruption and for the redemption of the South. And I will do so with the support of the many citizens of the South, whose trust I feel stronger than ever. I am and remain the “anti-clan Mayor in the land of the Bosses”.

Filomena Greco is an entrepreneur in the olive sector and has been mayor of Cariati twice: the first time from June 2016 to January 2018, the second from 2018 to 2023.