Cassano, finds seized by the police exhibited in the archaeological museum of Sibari


By John

A series of finds coming from seizures made by the police of the Cultural Heritage Protection Command of Cosenza, recovered over the years (mainly between 2011 and 2019) with complex investigation operations on the regional or national territory and which have been returned to the State, will be on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Sibaritide.
The new section will be inaugurated next Sunday when “Operation Herodotus” will be launched to allow all visitors to discover what they have defined at the Sibari Archaeological Park as “Saved Archaeology”.
«The 'saved' collections – states the director of the Sibari archaeological park Filippo Demma – are composed of vases from various periods, coming from all over the Mediterranean basin, but also of jewels, ancient metal ornaments, finds of various types coming from the clandestine market often fueled by unauthorized excavation activities. Part of the seizures consists of a large number of coins, from the Greek period to the late Middle Ages, recovered by 'collectors' also through online trade. In this section the most interesting finds will be presented according to a periodic rotation, in order to be able to admire as many of them as possible over time and to have one more reason to return often to the Museum, which is the place where this heritage returns to being what it should be. : everyone's property.”
Park Sunday will not only be dedicated to saved archaeology. In fact, at the Museum, for the series of conferences #nonrompeteci we will return to talking about feminicide and gender violence together with Demma and Antonio Gioiello, author of the book “Feminicide in Italy” and president of the Mondiversi association. The Honorable will speak. Simona Loizzo, member of parliament of the Commission of inquiry into femicide and all forms of gender violence, and Annamaria Bianchi, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Cassano.