Castrovillari, stabbed his mother to death. Paolo Emilio Sisci incapable of understanding or wanting


By John

Imputability defect. The Court of Assizes of Cosenza, presided over by Councilor Paolo Lucente, with the Councilor at the side. De Vuono and the public prosecutor Valentina Draetta, pronounced the sentence on themurder of Mrs Filomena Silvestrisuppressed in a building in Via Reginaldo Pellegrini by his son Paolo Emilio Sisci.

The Court accepted the arguments of the defense lawyer Roberto Laghi, who has highlighted the absolute inability to understand and want, at the time of the act, of one’s client. The facts date back to May 2022that is to say the moment in which a terribly brutal matricide took place: thirty-two stab wounds inflicted in the morning on the poor woman who, after a few moments, he remained lifeless. The murder generated a great stir throughout the Pollino and Sibaritide areas, as Paolo Emilio Sisci belongs to a well-known family in the area. During the phases following the bloody crime – it will be remembered – the affair was managed through numerous technical investigations, on the one hand the cadaveric assessment and the autopsy report ordered by the Prosecutor, then the assessment of the capacity of understanding and will . The defendant’s defense has always insisted on the situation of total incapacity of understanding and will and this thesis, proven by the expert reports, allowed Sisci to be acquitted of such a horrendous crime, even punishable with a life sentence.

Furthermore, Prof. De Pasquali in his report highlighted that, with appropriate pharmacological and psychological therapy, the young person’s social dangerousness can be kept absolutely under control, so much so that he would have no need to stay in a REMS. The lawyer Roberto Laghi expressed his satisfaction with the sentence, highlighting: «the tragedy that shocked the entire territory was caused by a pathological state. Sisci is a sick person who must be treated, rather than punished, he is the first victim of his pathology. All the conditions exist for Sisci to be free soon, subjected to periodic checks by the structures present in the area”. In the courtroom, the father who, together with his sister, was always close to the young man, did not hide moments of emotion and so did the accused who exploded into liberating tears.