Catanzaro, Archbishop Maniago writes to the newly elected mayors of the diocesan territory: love for the community and attention to young people and the poor


By John

Love for the community, willingness to listen to people, ability to dream, attention towards young people and the poor, promoting solidarity, democracy and participation. These are the wishes combined with the best wishes for the new mandate that the Archbishop Claudio Maniago participated in the recently elected mayors in the municipalities of the diocesan territory: Albi, Fossato Serralta, Gagliato, Gimigliano, Pentone, San Floro, Sellia, Sellia Marina, Simbario, Sorbo San Basile, Simbario, Squillace, Zagarise.
Addressing the mayors, Monsignor Maniago opens his message by recalling that “the beginning of the new mandate is an opportunity to remember that service to the common good is a high form of charity, comparable, Pope Francis would say, to that of parents in a family. Even in a town, as in a family, the father or mother must respond to different situations with diversified attention and first of all through listening. The mayor, therefore, knows how to listen. Therefore, do not be afraid to “waste time” listening to people and their problems! Good listening helps to discern, to understand the priorities on which to intervene”.
Hence the reference to the “courage to pursue a project of civil coexistence and citizenship that invests in beauty where there is more degradation, in education where social discomfort reigns, in places of social aggregation where violent reactions are seen, in training in legality where corruption dominates”.
“I wish you to be able to dream of a better country – adds Maniago – and to share the dream with the other administrators of the territory, with those elected to the city council and with all citizens of good will. If I think about the work that awaits her, I realize how many difficulties await her, along with moments of consolation. On the one hand, in fact, her closeness to the people is a great opportunity to serve the citizens, who love her for her presence among them. On the other hand, I imagine that at times she will feel the loneliness of responsibility. People often think that democracy is reduced to delegating with the vote, forgetting the principle of participation, essential for a country to be well administered. It is expected that mayors have the solution to all problems!
Finally, the Archbishop in recommending to the mayors “the care of the First Citizen, in particular towards young people so that they feel commitment and attention for their future and the most needy so that they never feel abandoned”, assures the Bishop’s closeness and prayer for the communities administered by renewing “the availability and, in respect of mutual roles, the collaboration of the parish communities, in the common passion for the good of all the inhabitants of the town”.