Catanzaro, fatally wounded two men with hoe blows: the sentence for the stableman of the “Valle dei Mulini” equestrian center was reduced to 18 years


By John

The Court of Assizes of Appeal of Catanzaro reduced the sentence against Saleem Masiji, 29-year-old Pakistani man accused of the double murder of Giuseppe Sestito and Vincenzo Marino occurred in the “Valle dei Mulini” equestrian center on 9 September 2021. The Court, president Gabriella Reillo alongside Domenico Commodoreredetermined the sentence for the accused at 18 years and 8 months of imprisonment, whereas in the first instance he had been given 20 years with an abbreviated sentence.

The young man is defended by the defense lawyer Enzo Savaro. According to the reconstruction, the 29-year-old who worked as a stable boy attacked the two men with a hoe. Marino and Sestito later died in hospital due to their injuries.