Catanzaro, Fiorita in conversation with the extraordinary commissioner of “Dulbecco”


By John

The vision of a great one Catanzaro it cannot ignore an equally large and ambitious healthcare system at a regional and supra-regional level. The mayor Fioritasupported by his deputy Giusy Iemmais intensifying the discussion with all the players in the sector on his proposal for a polycentric public hospital system, focused on the “Pugliese”, the “Ciaccio” and the “Mater Domini” Polyclinic, all realities that fall under the new “Renato Dulbecco” company .

After meeting the health unions, the mayor met with the extraordinary commissioner of “Dulbecco”, Simona Carbone. The meeting was defined by the participants as very appropriate and profitable, also in light of the common need for a mutual and constant exchange of information and visions on the sector. The core of the discussion is the future of the new hospital; a topic on which the importance of arriving at shared decisions resulting from joint reasoning was reiterated. All this in light of the awareness that the location of the new hospital will have to safeguard the current urban balance together with those linked to the service to users and the professionalism that guarantees it. In this sense, according to the participants in the meeting, it appears central to immediately develop a strategic plan for the future of the “Pugliese”, which cannot contemplate downsizing hypotheses that deprive it of the right valorization, both from the point of view of the functions that will be called to perform, both from the point of view of the weight and quality of the services provided. A fact that has become evident over time within the Regional Health Service, thanks to the professionalism that continues to make the facility a point of reference for the Calabrians.

The meeting with Simona Carbone left mayor Fiorita and his deputy Iemma “very satisfied”, the latter holding the responsibility for relations with the health service. “The game being played with the birth of Dulbecco – they commented – is complex, also because it is destined to profoundly innovate the health system in Calabria, giving life to a reality which, due to its size, human resources and services provided, could prove attractive for the entire South. Hence the need to take thoughtful steps that take all the variables into account. In this, the constructive dialogue like the one we had with Commissioner Carbone and the sharing of choices become discriminating for the success of the company”.