Catanzaro in the grip of intimidation. Prefect Ricci: “The State is there, now an immediate response in terms of prevention”


By John

«We urgently convened this Committee because these episodes that have occurred should not be underestimated, they must exist an immediate response in terms of prevention. A response that we wanted to share with the trade associations: I thank Unindustria and the Chamber of Commerce for participating and also giving us their collaboration.” The prefect of Catanzaro said it Enrico Ricciat the end of Provincial Committee for Order and Security who dealt with the escalation of acts of intimidation against entrepreneurs in the city of Catanzaro and its hinterland.

According to Ricci «it is necessary to convey a strong message, that the State is there, that the investigative activities are underway, and we trust that they will produce results and there is careful territorial control activity that has been strongly implemented in starting this summer with substantial resources and which we will further increase. We have also defined a collaborative relationship with the business world, also to implement the video surveillance system on construction sites, production activities and commercial activities. So the prefect of Catanzaro supported – we want to launch this slogan: we must not submit to mafia intimidation, we must report and we must collaborate. I am certain that the business world of Catanzaro is along this line.” The meeting of the Provincial Committee for public order and safety of Catanzaro was attended by the leaders of the police forces, the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita, the president of the Province of Catanzaro, Amedeo Mormile, the president of Unindustria Calabria, Aldo Ferrara, the president of the Catanzaro-Crotone-Vibo Valentia Chamber of Commerce, Pietro Falbo.